Oak Island Photography

Beach Package

We know that this will be a stressful day for all involved!  It is our goal to
make you as relaxed as possible! We just have a few requirements from
you, so we can make sure your pictures are as beautiful as you are.

1.        Under NO circumstances will any other cameras be allowed to
take pictures during the session
2.        Please keep in mind that you have paid for 60 minutes of
photography. If you should decide that you would like for the
photographer to stay longer, there will be an additional $50 per half hour,
depending upon the photographer’s availability.
3.        Just so you will know, we are working on a tight time frame.  We
have no control over the sun and when it sets.  Therefore, our
photographer might seem rather “bossy”, but he/she is working hard to
take as many beautiful photos as they can while there is still sunlight.  
Just smile and do as they say!
4.        Make sure that you have emailed a. a contact number while you
are here b. your location’s address, and c. you might consider making a
list of the different photo combinations you would like. (ex: mom & Dad
with kids, uncle joe, aunt mary, cousin Kate and Johnny) This will ensure
that you get everyone you want! You can just give this list to me at the
5.       If you are on Oak Island, your photographer will meet you 60
minutes prior to sunset.  The location to meet 72nd SE.  You will pick up
your photos from Geddings & kleva. This is a pink building directly infront
of the Mexican Restaurant on Oak Island Drive.  It is on the corner of
Sellers Street and Oak Island Drive.  8721 East Oak Island Drive
Directions: When you come over the bridge to come on to the island,
take a right at the light.  G&K is approximately 1/10 of mile of the left.
Pink Building…can’t miss it.  
6.        Hair….. Yes, you might have long pretty hair, however, it will not
look so pretty when it is flying everywhere in the pictures.  Please pull
your hair up or back out of your face and secure it with a barrette,
headband, or rubber band.  TRUST ME on this one!
7.        Clothing…..Of course, my favorite is the traditional, white on Khaki
or white on blue jeans.  Light colors and pastels are the best.  Stay away
from bright or loud colors, and reds look horrible!!  
8.        Make sure you drink LOTS of water the night before and day of
your shoot.  You do not want to become dehydrated while standing in the
sun! Also, drinking water the night before makes your skin look really
refreshed and healthy, which will help your pictures!
9.        If you have young children that will be photographed, DO NOT
worry!! We are excellent with children.  The best thing mom and dad can
do is: 1. Look at the camera, not the kids.  We will get their attention, you
just need to look straight at the photographer.  2.  If we are taking
photographs of just the kids,….walk off a little down the beach, so your
kids can not see you. (But you can see them). Children seem to do better
if they think the parents are not around.  They listen more to us.
10.        The photographer will only take photos in which package you
have opted for.  The Beach Package only includes 6 people. There is a
$15 charge for each additional person.  If you think you will have more
people than originally discussed.  You must notify Oak Island
Photography 2 days prior to the shoot, to adjust the balance. Please do
not bring pets the day of the shoot and expect to have them
photographed without prior consent from the photographer. We do have
a Pet Package, and any pets requires that we have an assistant with us.
11.        If you informed the photographer that their will be a certain
number of people in the shoot, and the day of the shoot, there is less….
You will still be responsible for the what your ‘contracted” for. EXAMPLE:
You tell me there will be 12 people there, when I get to shoot, there is
only 6. You will still owe me for the additional 6 people.  Sometimes
depending on the size of the group, I bring another photographer.  I have
to pay the 2nd photographer regardless if he/she shoots or not.
12.        Prior to leaving, the photographer will collect the remaining
balance for the shoot.  It should be either check or cash. Checks should
be made to: Alecia Geddings.  If you wish to pay with your credit card,
you must pay via Pay Pal 3 days prior to the session date.  Please have
your remaining balance ready. Tips are not necessary.
13.        Your photos will be ready in 4-5 days.  Your photographer
should tell you when to expect them.  

If there is anything that we have not addressed, PLEASE feel free to call
us!  We look forward to spending your special day with you!

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